Family Centred Photography

At SMc photograper we believe that :

“the true value of a moment is in the memory”

We therefore ensure that our family portraiture is both emotive and genuine.
Our Children's photography is unique in the fact that we take time to ensure they are relaxed and having fun, we use techniques designed to take away from the “photo taking” and focus on the engagement of the child's smile and unique personality. We encourage parents to join in and engage with the children as this makes them relaxed, and that's when we capture genuine emotion.
We strongly believe that photography and more importantly the memory that is attached to an image is a very important part of your child's development. So at SMc photographer giving you something which can be looked back on in years to come is vital. We want you to look at the photograph in 10,15 years time and just smile.
At SMc photographer we pride ourselves on giving choice. From you sitting you will receive between15-30 different images to choose from ranging from more traditional poses to the “energetic” ones.

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